Lightning Surge Protector

Date: 23 Sep 2009

AC power surge protectors
GE380AC-40, GE220AC-40
Technical parameters:
Product Model GE380AC-40 GE220AC-40
Nominal operating voltage Un 380/220 Vrms AC 220 Vrms AC
Maximum sustained operating voltage Uc 640/320 Vrms AC 320 Vrms AC
Operating frequency 40-80HZ
Through-flow capacity of the nominal In 40KA
Through-flow capacity of the largest PMAX 70KA
Clamping voltage Up 700V-1KW 10kA
Response time Tn (less than) 10ns
Operating Temperature -40 (degree) to +85
Cable is not less than 10 mm2
Failure instructions sound / light alarm + Remote Alarm

Weight Kg 5.8
Dimensions (mm) 290 long * 195 high * 130 thick
Scope of application:
Thunder and lightning for the poor environment for special occasions; Peak Tsushinki stations, microwave stations, such as military radar station.
2, for general lightning environment Peak Tsushinki stations, factories, buildings total distribution; poor lightning environment, gas stations, oil depots, hospitals, finance, telecommunications, broadcasting, electric power industries or large-scale intelligent buildings the total distribution.
3 lightning environment for the poor financial outlets, gas stations, communication station, computer rooms, as well as enterprises and institutions of the General Building, the total distribution.
Lightning 4 for general building the total distribution environment; poor lightning environment electricity distribution buildings.
5 for general lightning electric distribution building environment.
Design basis and testing standards
Reference to IEC, IEEE standards, such as design; YD/T1235.1-2002 in accordance with the Communications Authority (Station) Low Voltage Distribution System Surge Protection Device with the technical requirements, GB18802.1/IEC61643-1: 1998, GB18802.21/IEC61643-21 : 2000 Standard Inspection.


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