Date: 21 Jul 2009
The HZD-L Vibration monitor provides two channels of continuous on-line machinery vibration
monitoring. The Vibration Monitor accepts input from our ST system seismic velocity transducers
which is mounted on the machine case at the bearing location and measures the machine's vibration
in displacement unit. The monitor conditions the signal from the seismic transducers and integrates
it into peak displacement units. This &#118alue is displayed on the front of the monitor and is compared
to two alarm set-point, Alert and Danger. If a set-point is exceeded, the associated relay will
change state. This can be used to annunciate an alarm condition, or you can use it as input to an
automatic shutdown device.
Vibration amplitude is a primary indicator of the overall mechanical condition of rotating machinery.
Many machine malfunctions, including rotor unbalance, misalignment, and bearing wear, can be
detected with vibration measurements. For machines where most of the shaft vibration is
transmitted through the bearing to the case (motors, pumps, fans and compressors with rolling
element bearings for example), The HZD-L Vibration monitor is the ideal monitoring solution.
The HZD-L Vibration monitor has designed with time-proven features, including: high reliability,
high accuracy and in a power ability to against interference, easy operation, etc. 
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