PLS dedicated filling stations of cans lying

Date: 23 Sep 2009

PLS-type liquid level meter for the gas stations are specially designed for environmental protection measures and the level gauge, mainly apply to oil depots, petrol filling stations lying measurement tank. At the same time to monitor 1-8 tank, oil tank at any time to read the oil level, water level, temperature and storage capacity, management and environmental protection for the gas station to provide an effective tool.

The principle of the use of magnetostrictive liquid level to work through the digital circuit technology, high-precision automatic calibration system, after calibration, so level measurement accuracy of 0.75mm, interface measurement accuracy of 1mm. Because of the use of all-digital interface, with EIA-485 data transfer with the outside world, to overcome the analog signal to transmit data using anti-jamming capability, the disadvantage of less data, so that level gauge with the basic characteristics of intelligent devices.


Deal with in technology, the level of a digital signal directly to the treatment, rather than as a general first converted to analog instrumentation (4mA-20mA) signal, and then converted to digital signals, saving aspect between the two, thus improve the measurement accuracy, and enables users to use the level of a lower total cost.


Level of adoption of all-digital design, analog circuits to overcome the disadvantage and the anti-high-frequency pulse, anti-static, anti-surge current, such as electromagnetic compatibility design and testing, improve product reliability, can in general industrial occasions reliable operation .


Magnetostrictive technology because of high current drive required to work on explosion-proof may be difficult to do at the use of zero-area "ia" explosion-proof class, PLS-type liquid level meter to provide such proof Level certification, allow users to use when more secure.


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