Anchor-type Weight Indicators

Zhongheng’s 16” Weight Indicator provides drillers with an easy way to track hook load and weight on bit.
Anchor Type Weight Indicator System are applied to various versions of drilling rigs and workover rigs. They indicate and record variation of hook load and weight on bit, helping the driller to obtain the proper working parameters and judge the operation status during drilling or well service.
Each set of Anchor Type weight indicator system is made up of a deadline anchor, a weight indicator and a recorder. The Weight Indicators come in either a Panel-mounted version or Box mounted. This simple to use and maintain Weight Indicator has proven over the years to be accurate and economical.

Various models available for deadline loads up to 200,000 pounds.
Gauge comes complete with 2 dials, inner dial to indicate total hook load and an outer dial to display weight on bit.
Bit weight indicator (vernier) uses a 4:1 sensitivity movement to provide a highly accurate indication of bit weight.
System comes standard with a high pressure heavy duty hydraulic hose and disconnects.
This weight indicator is the center piece of any drillers console and the mounting configuration makes replacement a simple procedure.
Dampers for weight and vernier make it simple to stabilize the pointers for accurate indications.

Heavy duty design ensures accuracy even in the most extreme of conditions.
Large dial face (16”) make the gauge easy to read even across the drilling floor
Suitable for use with all industry standard deadline anchors
To Order Specify:

Anchor model and part number.
New application or replacement.
Box or Panel mount configuration
Single line load/pull capacity of anchor
English, Metric, or Decanewton dial reading
Hose length required
The cost of introducing:
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Contact information:
Zhejiang Zhongheng Instrument & Meters Co., Ltd
Xingfu gancangtou, Shizhu Town, Yongkang City, Zhejiang prov. China[321304]
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