JZ Weight Indicator System

Date: 25 Sep 2009

I. Application Areas:
  JZ series weight indicating system is used for indicating and recording  variation of hookload of drilling string and weight on bit during drilling and workover service for oil exploration or geological prospecting. It can assist  drilles to judges  operation situation and obtain proper drilling parameters.

II. Features:
  1.Altogether there are 16 versions of JZ Series Weight Indicating Systems ranging from 500 tons to 40 tons for different types of drilling / workover rigs. Each set of weight indicating system is composed of a JZG deadline anchor, a JZ weight indicator and a JZJ recorder. According to the way of installation, deadline anchors can be classified into two types, namely, vertical   type and horizontal   type;
  2.It features high accuracy and excellent reliability;
  3.It is strongly corrosion-resistant ,  Anticorrosive escapement device adapts well to the working environment on the sea;
  4.The dual-system (metric and imperial) secondary instrument can be used not only in China but also in other countries;
  5.As quick self-sealing connectors are used, connection between hoses can be realized in a fast, convenient and reliable manner;
  6.Working curves recorded with ink facilitates creation of drilling files.

III. Technical Specifications:
  1.Allowable error of output pressure of deadline anchor: ±1.0% F.S
  2.Allowable error of  weight indicating system: ±2.0% F.S
     Error of weight indicator: ±1.0% F.S
  3.Error of recorder: ±2.0% F.S
  4.Error  of  weight recording system:±2.5% F.S
  5.Sensitivity: 0.5%F.S
  6.Working temperature:-40~50℃

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