Unitized Pressure Gauge

Rugged gauge can be easily read from  75 feet away or more                                                                                                               

Unitized mud  pump pressure indicators and standpipe pressure gauges can be used on cementing, acidizing, fracturing, and gravel-packing trucks.These gauges are easily viewable at distances and provide the same as our standard 6"gauges.


-Large 6"dial face is visible up to 60 feet away.

-Replaceable diaphragm cup, check valve and damper assembly.

-Dial available dual scale divisions.

-Standard capacities include:0-7,000kPa, 0-14,000kPa, 0-21,000kPa, 0-35,000kPa, 0-40,000kPa, 0-60,000kPa.Other pressure ranges are available in PSI, kg/cm2, MPa and BAR units of measure.


-Bourdon tube style 6" fluid filled gauge complete with.

-Built in diaphragm gives operators the ability to dampen signal,  so slight changes in pump pressure can be seen.

-Diaphragm cup easily field replaceable.
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