Pressure gauge with resistance transmitter YTZ-150

Date: 01 Sep 2009
YTT-150 pressure gauge with differntial transormer is not only able to indicate the pressure value measured, but also transform it into 0-10mA DC, the standard cuurent output signals. Combined with the secondary meter, regulator, calculating unit and cyclic detector, the gauges can be formed to be an system with automatic record, regulation and control.

       Through the built-in adjustable resistance transmitter, YTZ series gauges can transmit the measured values to the secondary gauges for from the site and achieve the concentrated examination and remote control. Meanwhile the gauges can indicate the pressure value (for field technical inspection). with the diaphragm, the series YTZP-150 Diaphragm Pressure Gauges with resistance transmiitter is derived Designed for strong corrosive, viscous and easy to be crystallized media.
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