Keller-Jianghan Electronic Pressure Gauge SKJ-1

Date: 18 Aug 2009

I. Application Areas
  SKJ-1 Keller-Jianghan Electronic Pressure Gauge is a electronic memory pressure gauge, which is jointly manufactured by Keller Company of Switzerland and JPIM. Keller provides principal part of the instrument and conducts indoor calibration and testing, while JPIM supplies other necessary compatible spare parts and tools for downhole test run. This pressure gauge is mainly applied to testing and recording of downhole pressure and temperature of various oil wells and water wells. It can also be used for
test of flowing pressure and pressure build-up as well as annulus testing.

II. Features
  1. Imported principal part of the instrument is stable and reliable;
  2. Power consumption is extremely low and the pressure gauge can work continuously for two years;
  3. The maximum memory capacity is 28560 groups of data;
  4. It uses non-rechargeable batteries and works stably.
  5. Different modes of starting up for the convenience of customers;
  6. Short and portable;
  7. No additional battery or power supply is needed when communicating with a computer. This helps to make the operation simple and reduces the power consumption of batteries.

Contact information:
Hubei Jianghan Petroleum Instrument & Meter Co., Ltd
Nanhu Road, Donghu Hi-Tec Development Zone,[430205]
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