Gas Turbine

LWQ gas turbine meter is a velocity instrument for measuring the flow rate of gas, including fuel gases and industrial single-phase gases like natural gas, propane, butane, ethane, air and nitrogen. Thanks to high precision, good repeatability and easy installation, it has wide application in the industries of petroleum, chemical engineering, metallurgy and mining.
The gas to be measured first passes the rectifier built in the meter, which can not only regulate velocity distribution section but also increases gas velocity. Then the gas flows on and makes the turbine rotate. The angular velocity of the turbine varies directly as the average velocity of the gas through the meter. The volume of the measured gas under the working condition will be indicated on the counter via the gear cluster drive and magnetically coupled link gears.
Rectifier B has a unique structure, with low requirement in straight tube mounting (front≥3DN, rear≤1DN); the self lubricating ball bearing with convenient maintenance; the mechanical display with no need for power supply; no flameproof specification; the momentary overload of 1.2*Q max, no damage to meter, little pressure loss and strong anti-jamming capability.
2) Service Condition
Ambient temperature: 30~+55℃; Relative humidity: 5%-95%; Atmospheric pressure: 86-106kpa; Medium temperature: -30-+80℃. The mounting of filter (available) is required in case of impurity contained in the liquid.
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