cast iron, cast steel elliptic gear flow meters(LC-A, LC-E, LC-Q )

Date: 19 Jun 2009

LC-A, LC-E, LC-Q cast iron, cast steel elliptic gear flow meters meet technical requirements for volumetric flow meters of national standard JB/T9242-1999 with the measuring tools manufacturing license WANZHI No. 00000018. 

LC-A cast iron
elliptic gear flow meter is widely applicable to measuring oil and other liquid media that are non-corrosive to cast irons.

LC-E cast steel elliptic gear flow meter is used for measuring high-temperature, and low-corrosiveness media.

LC-Q cast iron elliptic gear flow meter uses an aluminum rotor and is applicable to measuring low-viscosity, low-corrosiveness media such as gasoline.

Technical parameters, pattern selection

1.  Main component materials and nominal pressure
 Accuracy grade: Grade 0.5 and 0.2 (-10~+60 in general)
 Operating media temperature: LC-A, LC-E: (-20~+100), LC-Q:(-20~+60), LC-A, LC-E: up to 200 under the condition of high-temperature adjustment, plus the effect of the high-temperature heat radiation cylinder.

4.  The explosion-proof class of the remote transmission display field: ExiaCT5,dBT4
 Flow rate as follows:

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