Oval Gear Flow Meters(LC-12 )

Date: 18 Jun 2009
LC-12 oval gear flow meters not only display the gross quantity of liquid on site but also has ZF signal transmitter or QF connecting displaying meters like DL series to realize the long-distance centralized monitoring of pipe flow and the control automation.
The mounting of signal transmitter on the oval gear flow meters with A1 or E1+ counters can convert the flow of measured medium into electrical impulse signal, realizing the automatic system control.
QF signal transmitter is composed of a high frequency oscillator, a detector, detecting and shaping circuits. Slotted sheet metal is rotating in the oscillator circuit and the coupling coil of the detector, that is, to interfere magnetic line and make it attain a series of amplitude modulated signals, which are sent into the shaping circuit becoming square waves after detection. Following the change of pressure drop on load resistance, the current also changes. And at the same time, there happens high/low level inversion of 2 terminals of the transmitter. 
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