LPG filter

Date: 19 Jun 2009
  The filter is installed at the inlet of a volumetric flow meter for filtering impurities of the liquid flowing through the pipe to ensure the sound operation of the flow meter. The filter is a kind of uniformly designed accessory of various volumetric flow meters such as elliptic gear, waist cone pulley, and spiral rotor flow meters, comprising its enclosure and filtering cartridge, applicable to conveying pipes of multiple liquids.  

■Technical parameters:
1.  Operating pressure:(MPa): 1.6;2.5;4.0;6.3
2.  Operating temperature:(℃): 20 120
3.  Viscosity of media(mPa.s ): ordinarily 500mPa.S, >500mPa.S customized
4.  Materials: a. enclosure: cast iron(A)cast steel(E)corrosion-resisting steel(B, C)
b.  The strainer: Copper or stainless wire
5.  Flanged connection:  OI.OM.OK; LLT series subject to the national standard  GB/T9112-2000;Other subject to the national standard JB/T79~82-1994
6.  Executive enterprise standard: Q/SD2005-2004
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