Gas waist cone pulley flow meter

Date: 19 Jun 2009
Gas waist cone pulley flow meter, based on the operational principle of a volumetric flow meter, features ultra-precise measurement, wide range, compact and firm structure, no inlet straight tube, and long service life, applicable to a narrow operational environment to accurately measure the flow rate of a gas with a large load change in a terrible weather. Measurable media can be natural gas, town gas, alkane fuel gas, and industrial inert gas of various kinds. Currently, RVG and RPM series gas waist cone pulley flow meters can be provided Dia. DN40~DN100, flow rate 0.8m3/h~400m3/h, maximum operating pressure 2MPa, temperature range -40℃~+60℃, and accuracy ±1%. All gas waist cone pulley flow meters have been certified by international authorities and registered at relevant organizations. The meters introduced below have been certified to model approvals of many countries including China as commercial measurement devices.
The gas waist cone pulley flow meter is a kind of volumetric flow meters. When the measured gas flows through the meter, a differential pressure will be produced between the outlet and inlet of the flow meter, which will push and then alternatively rotate a pair of waist cone pulleys coupled by ultra-precise synchromesh gears, meanwhile the measuring chamber between the two cone pulleys and the inner wall of the enclosure will be aerated and exhausted periodically. The volumetric flow rate of the gas is in direct proportion to the number of the rotations of waist cone pulleys, which will be transmitted to the counter after the rotation of the two cone pulleys is reduced and then magnetically-coupled, then the cumulative gas flow rate will be read. Each circle including gas entering the meter, gas entering the measuring chamber, gas pushing and rotating waist cone pulleys, and gas being measured and exhausted, will have four times of measuring.
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