Multi-parameter Drilling Instrumentation System

Date: 25 Sep 2009
Ⅰ.Applicator  Areas:
  SZJ-1 Multi-parameter Drilling Instrumentation System is mainly used to measure and display various engineering parameters as hook load,weight on bit,rotary torque,standpipe pressure,tong torque,  power tong torque, RPM,Pump SPM1#~3#, mud return flow (%), mud pit 1#~6# volume, total mud pit volume, total mud in, content of total hydrocarbon and H2S, height of block, well depth and others during drilling or workover process.  It can help the driller to judge operating situation of drilling rigs
With computer recording mode, the whole system, including driller s console, data acquisition unit, computer terminal,software, sensors, installation cables and hydraulic hoses, can display all the user-required engineering values at real time at driller s display console and tool pusher s office. Driller s console is installed on the rig in the driller s cabin and driller can observe the data displayed by hydraulic gauges and LCD display in real time. Data acquisition unit is usually installed in the doghouse for acquisition and processing of different data. DAQ is connected with terminal computer in the tool pusher s office by a piece of cable. Software runs on Windows operation system, and data can be displayed in dials,numbers or curves in real time, and they can also be recorded, stored inquired and transmitted through GPRS/CDMA network. The system also provides information and evidence for drilling optimization, troubleshooting and history data for future operation.When working without computers, the whole system consists of the driller s console, various sensors, cables and hydraulic hoses. In this case, weight on bit, rotary torque, tong torque and standpipe pressure are displayed by gauges in the console, while RPM, pump SPM will be displayed on the sealed low-temperature, backlit, and explosion-proof digital meter.
The recorder of weight indicating system is optional.

II. Features:
  1.Making use of mechanism and electronics, and employing world-class programmed processing technology, the system can group any number of parameters into various instrumentation configurations.
  2.Values of  parameters can be recorded, displayed and plotted by indoor computer system but also recorded by conventional weight indicator.
  3.Easy and convenient move, installation and uninstallation are guaranteed by special cables that are corrosion-resistant,oil-proof, water-proof, fire-resistant, low temperature resistant and salt-fog resistant, and by sealed, waterproof and explosion-proof aerial connectors;
  4.Adopting electromagnetic shielding technology, it can even work in such adverse environment featuring great environment temperature changes, strong vibration, high humidity and serious electromagnetic interference;
  5.It adopts maintenance-friendly and highly integrated electronic components. Its sensors are also integrated;
  6.The whole system is explosion-proof;
  7.Easy operation is guaranteed by flexible software, which realizes switches between Chinese and English display, and metric and imperial measuring units.

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