Memory Dynamometer SG5-Ⅲ

Date: 18 Aug 2009
I.Application Areas:
  SG5-III Memory Dynamometer is mainly used to measure displacement-load diagram, displacement-current diagram of pumping wells, and  real time display diagrams at well site.
  1.With integrated and modularized structure, it can complete data acquisition and data  display;
  2.Data base can be searched by well name;
  3.It can drive laser LQ-300K printer directly;
  4.It can communicate with computers;
  5.SDX series dynamometer calibrator,can be used to calibrated it automatically.
III.Technical Specification:
    0~140kN;Accuracy: ±1%F.S (pressure plate, shutdown type)
    0~80kN; Accuracy: ±3%F.S (hydraulic type, non-shutdown)
      0~140kN;Accuracy: ±3%F.S (hydraulic, non-shutdown)
  2.Displacement: 0-8m Accuracy:±1%F.S
  3.Current: 0~150 A Accuracy:±3%F.S
  4.Strokes per minute: 1~30;
  5.Memory capacity: 100 load cards and 100 current cards
  6.Storage capacity of well-name database: 240 wells
  7.Continuous working hours: 6~8 h
  8.Working temperature:-20~55℃
  9.Dimensions and weight:250×150×200mm    6kg
Contact information:
Hubei Jianghan Petroleum Instrument & Meter Co., Ltd
Nanhu Road, Donghu Hi-Tec Development Zone,[430205]
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