Borehole survey instrument (Storage)

Date: 31 Jul 2009
LHE3700 series Borehole Survey Instrument is produced depending on the company's years of reliable and mature technique of manufacturing oil drilling survey instrument. LHE3700 uses solid state acceleration and magnetic sensors and has the features of smallness and high reliability.
This instrument has built-in rechargeable battery and is equipped with intelligent charger, which is easy to use. The hand-held processor communicates with the probe by Non-touch mode, it is no need to open the housing when setting and reading the data.
The winch use direct current timing motor, with the functions of rope arranging automatically and showing depth& speed. It equipped with powerful data-processing software, which achieves the setting of the instrument and treatment of data. Besides, the data-processing software provides function of calculation and projection drawings complying with industrial standard.
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