Computerized Torque Automatic Controller

Date: 17 Jul 2009
FTWNZK-2002 Computerized Torque Automatic Controller is an electronic apparatus specially designed for hydraulic power tong to automatically control the best torque value when locking the drilling rod or tube in the oilfield service. It can not only set the torque value at random but also automatically record, memory and print the torque value, which ensures the quality of the oilfield. The automatic record of the largest torque value exerted on each tubing line can be kept for as long as ten years and can be output any time when needed for oilfield management.
  FTWNZK-2002 Computerized Torque Automatic Controller is an electromechanical integration and the signal processing unit and the performing unit in one case. This makes the apparatus simple liable to install, good performance and conveniently multifunctional. All these advantages make it the most ideal for controlling torque value in the oilfield work.
  WN-98-1 Computer Torque Automatic Controller is divided into two parts. The performance and the technical parameter are the same with FTWNZK-2002 type.
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