Liaoning Huake Petroleum Apparatus Science & Technology Co., Ltd

Create: 27 Jan 2010     Update: 27 Jan 2010
    The company is engaged in research, development and manufacture of various liquid-in-glass thermometers, glass floating meter (densitometer), glass test apparatus for petrochemical industry and test apparatus & instrument for petrochemical industry in accordance with standard of GB/T, SH/T and ASTM. Our products were not only sold to various markets in China, but also launched into the markets in Russia, Germany, France and South Korea.
    The company is specialized in manufacturing liquid-in-glass thermometer, glass floating meter (densitometer) and glass apparatus for petrochemical industry, with over 20 years of operating experiences. Our workers and technicians are experienced, and we have a complete range of check and inspection equipments. Our products are steady and reliable with high quality. The liquid-in-glass thermometers are produced, calibrated and checked up by products standards. The liquid-in-glass thermometers have measuring capacity from -80℃ to 500℃, and can check up any measured point from -70℃ to 500℃. The glass floating meters are produced, calibrated and checked up by products standards. The staff gauge is controlled for printing by computers, and the printed gauge is precise and clear.
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9-1 block B, No.57 Nanwu Road, Heping district, Shenyang, Liaoning[0]
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